Leader, Deputy, and Med+MedAppy Edit

Leader Maplestar



MedAppy ???

Taggs Edit

Elder RCxE

Warrior RCxW

Apprentice RCxA(Then you mentor's cat's initials so you don't forget)

Queen RCxQ

Kit RCxK

Loner L

Kittypet KP

Rogue R

Rules Edit

❀Cussing is aloud, if performed in caps many times, you get one warning, then you will be kicked.

❀No gender tags, or in heat tags (IH, F/M)

❀Try to stay literate.

❀Please make your bio.

❀If the leader is offline, the deputy is in charge, then the oldest warrior if the deputy is off.


❀When mating mate in whisper and out of camp or somewhere private.

❀Act mature.

❀You must be 10+ or, allowed to cuss or hear cussing ect. to join this clan.

Camp Edit

Screenshot 10102014 191129561


Screenshot 10102014 191147314

Leader's den

Screenshot 10102014 191210026

Meddy den

Screenshot 10102014 191224453

Elder's den

Screenshot 10102014 191244157

High rock

Screenshot 10102014 191415846

Kit den

Screenshot 10102014 191419225


Screenshot 10102014 191433817


Screenshot 10102014 191439061

Deputy (Inside warrior's den)

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